What is Devin?

Devin is an advanced AI software designed by Cognition’s CEO Scott Wu and works on highly complex coding problems by itself. It also reasons for long-term and collaborates with real-time users.

Devin's Capabilities

Devin can plan and execute complex engineering tasks requiring thousands of decisions because of its advances in long-term reasoning and planning have been made.

Work with new technologies

Devin is capable of determining how to use unfamiliar technologies by reading documentation or blog post.

Build and Deploy

Indeed, Devin single-handedly manages the entire process of designing and deploying applications which demonstrates its competence in software development as well as self-sustaining project administration.

Bugs Solving

It also shows its problem-solving skills by detecting and finding bugs in its codebase, which is a demonstration of advanced problem-solving ability and self-reliance in software development.

Self Trained

Devin’s AI models are inculcated and adjusted independently, displaying exceptional self-reliance and progress in AI.